Thursday, November 17, 2011

In This Life

In this life, never doubt your efforts. Never regret. Dont wish away your days. Dont think that any moment is a moment wasted. Remember the value of your existence. Acknowledge that there is a purpose in the world that only you can fulfil. Realize that you are one of a kind, that there is no one else like you, and will never be. Rest in the fact that you were hand crafted & made with precision. Understand that although the love you give may not be reciprocated, love given is never wasted. Open your eyes and see that the day is yours, that victory available in every situation, that an abundant life is at your fingertips. Unveil your face, dont be blind to the opportunities in front of you. Remember that perfection is not obtainable, but perfect love is put to action when imperfection is accepted and cherished. Hold onto the hope that there will be a tomorrow, there will be a second chance, there will be new mercies each and every morning. The sun will continue to rise, the stars will continue to shine. No matter how deep a hole you've dug yourself, there's always a hand waiting to pull you out. Recognize your passions and pursue them. Never stop doing what brings you joy. Ask questions, search for answers, and have faith enough to be content in the fact that not every question will be answered. Cherish the sadness as much as the joy. Accept the fact that our way isnt the only way. Love others where they are at, instead of where they could be. Learn to see past the bad, & straight to the good. Illuminate a room with your presence. Speak kindly, but speak sparingly. Let your words be an overflow of the love in your heart. Smile. Take every opportunity to share kindness. See that each day is not for ourselves, but for others; so that they may see a glimpse of the goodness that we have obtained. Be faithful. Be obedient. Honor others. Dont be afraid to love. Dont be afraid to be real. Grasp the reality that you are someones miracle. Be bold. Be loving. Be selfless. Be the change.
The world needs you. 

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