Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life: Jesus is a movin'

Alright has been awesome to say the least. There were a few really stinkin awesome things that Jesus did today that I'd like to share with you guys. Jesus is a movin'.

1. So last night I had a dream about the holy spirit. This is the first dream I've had like this. I was in a room with a couple friends and we got on the subject of Jesus and his forgiveness. One of the people in the room with me, lets call him "Charlie," got really turned off when we started talking about it. I asked why and came to find out that he rejected that forgiveness because he couldnt forgive himself. He had alot of shame and guilt built up inside of him because of it. I talked more about that forgiveness but he couldnt accept it. He wouldnt, because he didnt believe he could be forgiven. All of a sudden the holy spirit came into the room in what seemed to be a gust or a wind. It was so strong that we almost got knocked over. At that, I tried to lay my hands on "Charlie" but he resisted it and tried to move away, but that only made me hold him with my hands. I held him and looked im in the eye and said "in the name of Jesus you are forgiven." Right after that there was a calmness, a peace. Charlie stopped struggling and stood in stillness. In that moment he had accepted that forgiveness.

I woke up and thought the dream was AWESOME. I had never dreamed of the holy spirit so vividly before. So I texted everyone that was in my dream and just told them what happened. It spoke to a few people.

2. So, fast forward a few hours, and I'm in my sociology class. This class is HUGE. Like 300-400 people. We have a professor, and 4 teaching assistants that lead the class. Today I was sitting in class and my eyes were drawn to one of the TA's. He just had such a look of sorrow and concern on his face. I could tell something wasnt right and I felt the need to go pray for him. As soon as I felt that, fear crept in.
(Side note: the teachers of this class are VERY liberal and openly express their disapproval of religion.)
Is he gonna laugh? Will he disregard what I have to say? How would he respond to this? Of course, as humans that fear man's judgement, we fear the disapproval of others. But God spoke so clearly to me. He said "Blake, you are not in this school for grades, you are here to love my people and to reveal Me to them. You are in the school of the spirit."
So, dang. I knew I had to. So I walked up to him and asked to talk to him. His name is James. I proceeded to tell him that I felt like he had alot of saddness and was going through something and felt alone. I told him that Jesus wanted him to know that his arms are full of comfort that he is waiting to pour out upon him. That he is the object of His affection. That Jesus wants James to know him.
Now, there wasnt a big salvation prayer done after this, but I James was receptive. I expected rejection, but the look in his eyes told me that he needed this word from God.

3. SO, that was cool. A couple hours later I was leaving my public speaking class. I was walking to the elevator and heard grunting behind me. I turned around to see a man on crutches. I asked him what was wrong and he proceeded to tell me that he had dislocated his knee from moving furniture with his brother. He couldnt walk on it. We got in the elevator together and talked a little bit more about his injury. After leaving the elevator, I opened the exit door for him, told him I hoped he felt better, and started to walk away. As soon as I turned away from him, I turned right back. I know this wasnt me, because I never have had the courage to do this, but I approached him again and asked him if he believed in healing. I told him how I had just gotten healed in my leg this past weekend, and that I'd love to pray for his knee's healing if it was alright.
He told me he was a christian as well and gave the ok for prayer. One hand in his, the other on his knee, we began to pray over his healing. I prayed for restoration of this injury and for Jesus to illuminate his love. After the prayer I asked him to try to move his knee. He could move it! It wasnt completely healed, but it was moving. I really felt that God wanted to do more, so I asked him if I could pray again. He said yes. This time I got down on my knees and put both hands on his knee cap. I prayed. I felt the holy spirit. (Ah thank you jesus). After praying, I asked him how he felt. He said the pain had decreased!!! YAY. I proceeded to talk to him about how sometimes God heals gradually & he has to proclaim that healing every day. I told him I'd be praying for it and I just know God is gonna completely heal his knee :) We hugged and parted.

SO YEAH. Freaking awesome. You may be reading this and thinking "great. you prayed for people". But no. Like, that is so not me. It takes alot for me to go up to someone I dont know and give them a word from God. It takes ALOT for me to pray for healing over someone I dont even know. I prefer relational evangelism. Jesus brought me to a whole new level today.  One of my biggest struggles is to obey the holy spirit for the HARD things. And for some reason, my mindset today was "WHY NOT?!". Thank you lord. I know that was the holy spirit in me! Ah. Sooooo yes. I challenge yall to pray for courage! Pray for strength! Pray for knowledge of the power living inside you! Pray for obedience to the spirit. Pray for new eyes that can see brokenness. Pray for ears to hear what God is trying to say!! Dont be afraid. This is why we are here! This is why we were saved!

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