Monday, June 4, 2012

Thought: More of them..

Its been a while since my last post. My minds racing so I just thought I'd document some thoughts

1. God is so good. So so so good. I'm super thankful his ways are so much different than ours. What a hopeless place the world would be if he was like us. Its amazing to think that he literally does everything. If I try to take over, i just mess it up. Thankful that he works through us and for us.

2. I leave for camp tomorrow. I am a cabin leader for 7th grade girls. over 250 kids are attending this camp and I'm SUPER expectant for Jesus to heal people, break chains, bring his presence, and flood the place with heaven. Please be praying for these kids to EXPERIENCE Jesus...that faith would become real in their lives.

3. deserve so much more than a "good guy". So much more than a "good guy" who goes to church. You deserve a servant, a slave of Christ, a MAN completely sold out to Gods calling. You deserve a guy thats NOT always going to give you what you want because he's in tune enough with the holy spirit to know whats glorifying and whats not. You deserve a leader. Stop settling. Stop "waiting" for him to change. Not your job to change him, to be his crutch, to "keep him accountable in the faith". Be patient. Be focused.