Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Very Exciting Day

Today is a very exciting day because my ONE EP finally released on iTunes! You can purchase it by clicking HERE. I'm super excited about this album. This whole process has been SUCH a testimony of Gods faithfulness. I would have NEVER dreamed that anything I wrote or sang would be on iTunes. Its surreal, and I seriously still feel so inadequate! Such a humbling process to go through and its been so awesome the way Jesus has truly used the BODY to be his hands and feet. So great. ANYWAYS, I'd love it if you bought my EP and helped me get to Germany this summer to do mission work! All the songs (minus one hymn) are originals! Let me know what you think and please spread the word!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lets Be Real Here....

Lets be real: trying to raise money for my mission trip to Germany this summer has to be one of the most stressful things I've ever had to do. Not stressful in the since that I have ALOT of things to do, stressful in the sense that everything is completely out of my hands.

I sent out over 30 support letters this past week, and have only heard back from two people. It scares me. It really does.

I distributed my EP a couple weeks ago, and I am not told when it will be up on itunes. They said it could be anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. So I have to check back every day. What if it doesnt get up in time for me to raise enough money?

I set my EP at $10, or so I thought. On my CDbaby account, it sells for $10. But it just released on amazon today....selling for $4.95. WHAT? Seriously....WHAT???? Its one of those things that theres literally nothing I can do. This means I'll get half the profit I thought I would from my EPs.

I literally have been worrying about finances over the past few weeks. Where is this money gonna come from? Will I have enough? WHY DOES EVERYTHING SEEM TO BE GOING WRONG? All these worries, dominating my thoughts. I dont want money to dominate my thoughts. Its so frustrating because I KNOW Jesus is gonna come through. I've seen him be faithful way too many times to expect him not to be. Besides, his faithfulness in MY life doesnt determine the FACT that hes faithful.

Ah, all in all. I just need some prayer. Honestly, just pray for provision and for my trust in him to grow exponentially in this season.

My EP is out on Amazon  and CDbaby now. It will be up on iTunes in the next few days (hopefully).

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Belated Birthday

My best friend Kristie's birthday was this past monday, but unfortunately, I wasnt home to celebrate. So this past friday, we had a little belated birthday outing. Me Han & K went to Starbucks happy hour (non fat white chocolate mocha frap with one pump raspberry...I die) and gave her gifts. Then we headed over to downtown frisco to do some thrifting. We went to a place called the Frisco Mercantile, which I had NEVER even heard of but its seriously like an indoor trade days! Its awesome & we found some steals. Then we went to chilis and had a little surprise dinner for her with a bunch of our friends. It was a fun day.

My finds: 
Pretty little book: $2
Hand Embroidered Pillow: $8

Thursday, May 10, 2012


About a month ago, I was given a Holga 135mm camera from my friend and talented photographer/ videographer/media-guru/sometimes drummer, Jacob Norris. I had some fun with a roll of film for the past few weeks and just got the photos developed tonight. I didnt really know what to expect with these, but I definitely was not amazed with the results. I'm hoping the more I use it and learn what works best, the better the photos will come out. Some of the pictures were just SO blurry, I cant imagine thats how they are supposed to look. All in all though, theyre a fun mix up from a digital camera. Here are a few:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Last minute cramming...

Please excuse the lack of blog posts this week! Its FINALS week and I'm getting in some last minute studying tonight before my last final tomorrow morning. And guess what....its my LAST math test EVER! Great feeling...although I kinda enjoyed math. So, tomorrow I'll be heading home to the great state of Texas! I'm super excited, but I must say, I'm gonna miss Fayetteville this summer. (It kinda makes me want to jump for joy that I am able to say that...its been a tough year here). Having an apartment and living with awesome girls is making everything so FUN! Anyways, just wanted to post SOMETHING since my blog has been a little dead lately. Next time I post I will offically be a sophomore in college! When did I grow up?

P.S. If you noticed, I have added a "donate" button on the top left hand corner of my page. This is for my month long mission trip to Germany this summer. You can read more about it here. I have to raise $2500 so anything and everything is appreiciated!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Ever had one of those moments where your just too excited to do ANYTHING but be excited?! I just now had one of those moments. I was just sent a few of the final mixes off my upcoming "ONE" EP! Um, can you say GREAT DAY? I'm just so excited. I cant believe how this is all coming together.

For those of you who dont know, I am going to Germany this summer to serve alongside missionary Aaron Alexander (my very first youth pastor!) through an organization called Students For Christ in Berlin. We will be working with University students, sharing Christ, showing love. Additionally, we will be helping local church, RESET. I'm going for a month to serve in whatever way I can. Small groups, bible studies, loving people in the city, worship, or even just babysitting Aaron's kids. WHATEVER I can do. When I considered going about 6 months ago, the Lord put on my heart to use my music to get me there. I didnt really know how I'd do that. But then, after some prayer I knew he was calling me to use my original music, my voice, my guitar, and record and sell an album. WHAT?? God!! No! I'm such an amateur! Ah, we all know he uses the least likely. I'm so humbled. And its amazing to see the Lords faithfulness come to pass. He has put this whole thing together before my eyes through the hands of his people. Its so awesome.

The EP is called "ONE". I heard that word when Jesus lead me to do this EP. It represents the gospel and how we are ONE, we are his bride, we are the same spirit, we are His. No more division, no more rituals or law to make us 'clean' and 'worthy' to be in his presence, we are ONE. Always, constantly in him, he in us. This is a truth that Germany NEEDS to hear. That legalism is DEAD and MERCY is alive!

This EP will be releasing on iTunes in the next week, so keep your eyes open as I update here on my blog! All funds raised through this EP will go directly to sending me to Germany, and any extra will go to supporting Aaron & his family. Stay posted for more information on this EP, as well as what I'll be doing there, details of the trip, background and process of the songs, and ways you can help!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hannahs Sr Pictures- Sneak Peak!

A few months ago, Hannah had asked me to take her senior pictures! Uh..YES? So, this past weekend when she came up to visit, we put a couple outfits together and went out to shoot! Living on campus, I hardly get to see all the natural beauty Arkansas has to offer. So, we went out into the countryside of Arkansas and found some pretty beautiful spots. It was so much fun shooting with one of my very best friends. I enjoyed every moment! Here are some of my favorite shots:

Taking pictures is such a fun thing. I love it. If any of you are into this stuff too, feel free to give me some tips or constructive criticism!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Truly an incredible band. Their music transforms the classics, transforms hearts, and seriously transforms the atmosphere & brings you to the throne. I love their simplicity and their sound. 

my life is not my own, its yours.

Addicted To Grace

Saw these words today and fell in love. Yes. Beautifully said. 


This past weekend, I spent some time at the Potter's House Thrift store here in Fayetteville. Its huge and has such a great selection of clothes. Its so fun to find treasures in a thrift store. A year or two ago, I would have never thought to do my shopping in thrift stores, but after being best friends with Kristie, I've seen all the goodies thrift stores have to offer. I bought quite a few items this past weekend that I am super excited about. Over the next few months, I'll be doing a before and after of my thrift finds. I'll show the item as it was bought, and how I styled it after. Fun right? Ha! Enjoy!

I have been looking for a sleeveless button down EVERYWHERE. But all I can find are ones for $25-$45 dollars! And...I'm sorry but, I'm a poor college kid. So, I was stoked when I found this grandma button down (HA! it even smelt like a grandma when I bought it). I just cut the sleeves off, and cut out the shoulder pads (lol), and here we go! I saved over $20 by thrifting this piece and I LOVE it. The color is so bold. I also love the length of it. The top was a little big on its own, but it works perfect because its tunic-length, which is way more flattering on me than a shorter one. So ANYWAYS, theres my thrift before & after! Yay!

What I Wore//
Shirt: Potters House Thrift
Jeans: Pac Sun
Shoes: Urban
Earrings: Earth Bound
Rings & Bracelet: F21
Lip Color: Ruby Woo by MAC