Thursday, May 10, 2012


About a month ago, I was given a Holga 135mm camera from my friend and talented photographer/ videographer/media-guru/sometimes drummer, Jacob Norris. I had some fun with a roll of film for the past few weeks and just got the photos developed tonight. I didnt really know what to expect with these, but I definitely was not amazed with the results. I'm hoping the more I use it and learn what works best, the better the photos will come out. Some of the pictures were just SO blurry, I cant imagine thats how they are supposed to look. All in all though, theyre a fun mix up from a digital camera. Here are a few:

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  1. well i like 'em! it's ok that they're blurry...i'm sure you'll learn with practice, & in the mean time, they're still pretty dreamy. so i dig them! keep it coming. make it a regular husband & i are going to get into film shooting this summer. we're looking at the nikon fm10 and we're getting pretty gosh darn excited about it! maybe by then you'll be our go-to expert. xo.