Monday, February 27, 2012


Hi there! My name is Blake Reynolds. I'm 19 years old, and am a student at the University of Arkansas. I came up to Arkansas from Dallas, TX, where my heart still resides. I am a very passionate person, and my biggest passion is Jesus. He gave me purpose. My calling is to be a lover, and to bring people to Him relationally, but more specifically I feel a strong calling in music ministry. I sing and play guitar, and am currently learning piano. I love writing music, and I love worship. Other than music, I love art: visual and hands on. I hope to use all these passions to further the kingdom both now and in the future.
I started this blog, Life & Love, mostly to reflect over my days. When I started, I was in a season of discontent. I felt like blogging would really help me appreciate and find the good in each day. This blog became a place to convey my emotions, revelations, and inspirations, as well as a way to have an additional creative outlet. Life & Love will post on many topics, but focus on the areas of faithmusic, personal style, and DIY crafts. Thanks for coming by my page. Feel free to comment or email me!

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