Sunday, March 18, 2012

Although my closest friends and family already know, I will be spending a month in Berlin, Germany this summer! I'm so excited. I am getting the amazing opportunity to go serve with Aaron & Jeanette Alexander, my home Church's (Hope Fellowship) media pastors, and now German missionaries! Aaron was my very first youth pastor, and under his teachings I was introduced to Jesus. I am so humbled that they are allowing me to come and serve along side them! 

So, for those of you wondering about details, we will be mainly working with a ministry called Students For Christ, which is directed towards college students. I'll be helping out with the small group services, as well as serving with Reset Church in Berlin, Germany. Its gonna be an awesome time! I'm so excited to experience the German culture and bring love to such a spiritually dark place. 

To raise money, I have been writing and recording a small 5 track album that I will be selling in the next couple months, along with some other handmade goodies. I'm super excited about it, and hopefully planning on having a release show or something like that. So, I'll keep you guys updated on Germany plans, funding, and the release of this album! 

What you can do now is start praying! Pray the funds come in & that God is faithful in his provision! Also, pray for the hearts in Germany to begin to be softened. I know Jesus wants to do so much in Berlin. 

And lastly, click here to check out Aaron and Jeanette Alexander's blog and website! They have an awesome promotion going on called "I heart Germany". Lots of fun stuff you can buy to help support them! 


  1. So good to hear things are coming together and I'll be praying for you sweetie....and I'd love to buy one of your albums....wait....album? they still make those....:) Good luck and love ya...Aunt Candy