Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What She Wore//01

So I have decided to start doing some guest style posts on my blog to incorperate different people's styles. Who better to feature first than my best friend Kristie Robertson? She came up to Arkansas this past weekend and we decided to snap a few pictures of her outfit. I loved it. My favorite part were those shoes. Beautiful right?

Q: What got you interested in fashion?
A: I can't remember a time I wasn't interested in fashion, however I remember the first time I went 'out of the norm' with fashion. It was in elementary school: I layered a tank top over a blouse and I got in so much trouble that I was sent home because of it! The teachers were shocked that I would think it was 'acceptable' to wear clothes outside of their purpose, and they thought it was a distraction and inappropriate to reveal a tank top. After that, I guess I realized the world had a cooperate understanding of style. I realized that sometimes, if you want to wear what you like, others may not accept it. Becuase of these things, my interest became more of a consious choice after that point in my life I suppose.

Q: Why do you take time to dress the way you dress? What does it mean  to you and  what does it add to your life? 
A: I put alot of emphasis on my outfits because I love pieces individually. I want everything to compliment one another. I love putting together unexpected things then seeing that it actually worked out. Its like buying a lottery and winning. Overall, although its cliche, style is beyond a form of expression. To me the FIRST thing I study is what a person is wearing. If a person has their own sense of style, it shows that they are well aware of and are comfortable in their own identity. 

Q: Favorite places to shop?
A: Favorite places to shop are thrift stores. It's important to have the staple unique pieces you cant find thrifting, and well quality at Urban or Forever or whatever floats your boat, but thrifting is very personal and cheap which are my two faves ;)

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?
A: My biggest inspiration is without a doubt the people who wear whatever they please. That can be anyone from the mom's stuck in sweats, or the teenagers covered in chains and plaid. They are my inspiration because they do what THEY want as if there was no world around them telling them otherwise. I love seeing a person that is proud and confident in what they are wearing, whether I like it or not.  Style comes and goes but I believe self approval is the greatest presentation of all.

Q: Whats your favorite article of clothing (that you own)?
ACurrently my favorite article of clothing is my button up white, sleevless, collared top with navy stars from Salvation Army.

What she wore:
Skirt: Thrifted//Goodwill
Tank: F21
Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: F21
Earrings: Thrifted//Salvation Army

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