Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life: Just a few thoughts...

1. I cannot wait for spring break. Seriously. It cant get here soon enough! One more week, Blake, one more week. I think its so funny when people ask me if Im doing anything for spring break. I answer, with the biggest smile on my face, "I'm going home". Then they proceed to ask me where I'm from, expecting me to be from some awesome place. Because, hey no one should be that excited about going home to the lone star state. Well, I am. And I feel pretty lucky to feel this way about home, too. Are you going anywhere for spring break?

2. I've given up coffee for a while. Gasp. Yes, I know. I am a coff-a-holic. I mean, I was drinking it all throughout the day, every day. When I missed my first cup last week and started to get a headache, I knew it was time to give it a rest for a while. If my body starts having withdrawls like that, it cant be good for my body right? So, I've decided to give it up for a while. Nothing lent related, just like...for me. I've been drinking alot more water and tea now which has been good. Its been about a week and my headaches are decreasing. I havent missed it too badly yet. We'll see how I feel after another couple weeks ;)

3. I just love blogging. I really do. I love the visual part of blogs, as well as the "journal" part of blogs. I hope you guys enjoy peeking into my life as much as I enjoy posting it. Once I get back on Instagram, I'll be posting alot more pictures throughout the day. I feel like thats what I'm missing: just pictures of life. I am really tempted to start saving for a Cannon EOS. Hmm...

4. I have a ton of tests coming up starting tomorrow and finishing out next friday. School, to say the least, is very overwhelming right now. So, I'm off to study. Wish me luck!

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