Sunday, March 25, 2012

In the process...

Ahh. Sunday night, back in the dorm. Spring break is unfortunately over. Oh, how needed that break was! Although most of my friends back home weren't on a spring break, there was something so nice about waking up in the morning (on my own- not to an alarm blaring at 7am) and literally having nothing to do. I loved every minute! While I was home I got to work on my upcoming "album" (i feel so lame calling it an album, so I always feel the need to put it in "quotes"). Goodness, recording is so tedious. As much as I absolutely love writing and recording, I was about ready to give up! It takes so much time! Crazy. Conner is such a trooper. Seriously, what would I do without that guy??! I have no clue how to work all his crazy recording equipment, or most of the instruments he pulls out of no where. So thankful he is willing to help me on this!

I was listening to some of the finished recordings on the way up to Arkansas today. It makes me so excited that its all coming together! And dang, its so crazy what a mac can do! I'm like blown away by the capabilities of this whole garage band thing! So cool. Who needs a producer right?? ;) I'm getting everything mixed in the next couple weeks and am hoping to have it released by early to mid May! Woo!!! Get excited with me!


  1. your blog is honestly nothing short of lovely♥
    i randomly stumbled onto it from a friends page and had to say something!
    +1 follower!
    say hi back ?


  2. what??! i had no idea that you were a singer!! what kind of music do you record? can't wait to hear the final product!
    congrats! :)
    xo TJ

    1. Mostly acoustic indie/folk stuff, and worship!