Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life: Warmer Winds

Winter has departed from Arkansas, unfortunately. Spring time being here means Summer is just around the corner. I'm much more of a cold weather type girl. I say that, but when its fiercely cold, I'm longing for some warmth. I guess I'm indecisive. Anyways, we hardly had a winter had in Arkansas this year. One day of "sleet" and that was it. Pretty disappointing, I must say. Today was, I'd say, our first real day of spring. At least the first one I've had time to enjoy. 75 degrees, sunny, breezy, nice. Kristie is on her spring break so she came up to hang out for a few days. We had a lovely time today and I thought I'd share some snaps of our day. 

We started our day off at starbucks doing a quick bible study before I had to work for a couple hours. (Bummer right? Who wants to work when your best friend is in town from Texas??)

We had a nice time adventuring in the Dickson street bookstore. That place is like Narnia. You can easily get lost in there. So cool though. Books for days. 

Unfortunately, even though K was here, I still had to spend some time studying for my numerous tests this week *sad face* (which, now that I think about it, I probably shouldnt be blogging right now, oh well!) We went over to one of my favorite coffee shops/bookstores called Nightbird Books. Its awesome. A cafe/bookstore with live birds inside! So neato. Plus they had a patio for us to sit outside on! Lovely.

Kristie left a couple hours ago, and though I'm sad she had to leave, I get to go home and see her + alot of other lovies in 2 days! Joy! Cant wait. 

Well I hope you all have a good rest of the week. For all my fellow Razorbacks....just 2 days. We can do this. :)

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  1. aw, looks like a wonderful day! I will be following you too, we seem to like the same things: coffee, literature, and red lipstick! ;)