Friday, March 30, 2012


1. Not only have I been kinda obsessing over black and white/monochromatic clothes & design lately, I've also been doing some b&w ink drawing. Ive been keeping some pictures handy like this one of Emma Watson for inspiration. 
2. So, recently my friend Jacob gave me his holga camera! I am so excited & spent my spring break snapping photos of friends. I cant wait to get my first roll developed. So fun.
3. Love this tangerine color for spring nails. Just applied a coat today!
4. Grapefruiiiiiiit. Love. I've been trying to eat a grapefruit a day lately. They always have them fresh and cut on campus so its fairly easy to get my hands on em. They are so deliiiishhh and awesome for health, so eat up!
5. Being in college has definitely surpressed my magazine consumption. I dont remember the last time I bought a fashion magazine, let alone read one! Tonight I went to Barnes & Nobles with a few girl friends and we spent some time catching up on Nylon and other magazines. Fun friday night, huh?
6. Green tea. I've been trying to up my intake of tea as well these past few weeks. Yumma.

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  1. i love my holga! have fun using yours! post your shots!