Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life: Steps In His Direction pt 1

So, unfortunately I'm a little behind on my goal of posting every day. But, I really want to still try! Life just got reallll busy this past Thursday through the weekend. But, I'm back now! Its a rainy day in Fayetteville and I'm blogging in the Starbucks on campus with a warm green tea. Mmm. I'm just sitting here thinking about the amazing things God placed in my heart this weekend. Ah. It excites me. I'm so expectant of his will being done in my life. I want to blog about where I am in this season in my life and what God has been teaching me and putting on my heart. Theres SO much I have to tell yall, but for the sake of not overloading you in one post, I'll start with explaining HOW I got to where I am:

So, as alot of you guys know, I'm a freshman at the University of Arkansas. It was, and still is, kinda crazy that I've ended up here. About a year before I decided on the U of A, God spoke to my heart and called me into music ministry (worship leading specifically, but also church ministries as a whole). For a while I had been looking into Baylor and other christian universities as well as bible colleges that would aid me in my pursuit of ministry. But, God had other plans. This time last year I went to visit one of my friends that happened to attend the University of Arkansas. I had no intentions of even considering the school. I had never had a desire to attend, one, because most of my high school went there, and two, because the type of people that went just weren't my crowd (I hate that I had that mindset now that I look back). While I was there, I fell in love with this place. I loved the campus and I loved the town. Not only that, but God really spoke to me while I visited. I was spending time with Jesus my first morning in Arkansas, looking over the mountains, and I was lead to Isaiah 42.

"I the Lord have called you to demonstrate my righteousness. I will take you by the hand and guard you, and I will give you to my people as a symbol of my covenant with them. And you will be a light to guide the nations. You will open the eyes of the blind. You will free the captives from prision, releasing those who sit in the darkness." -Isaiah 42: 6-7

AH! Just thinking back to that moment makes me so happy. I'm so thankful that I dont have to depend on myself, but that I can rely on the Holy Spirit to reveal things to me and guide me to the places I need to be. So, I decided that day: I am called to the University of Arkansas. But, it was not that easy. I had alot of opposition from my dad. He wanted the best for me and reallyyy wanted me to go to UT or Texas A&M. We had alot of arguments and there were times when I felt helpless, but the Lord told me that he would fight for me and that His will would be done. I trusted, and it happened. He is so faithful.

So, here I am. About a month left until my first semester is up. I cant believe its gone by that fast. During this first semester, I've realized how much strength and devotion it takes to be a follower of Christ, especially here at the University of Arkansas. In one word, I'd have to describe it as lonely. Its been so tough, and will continue to be, but thank the Lord that I dont have to endure on my own! He is on my side. Its so comforting to know that.

In the next couple days, I'll be blogging about my experience during my first semester, what I've learned and what I've heard from God, and the things He is putting on my heart and igniting in me for my future.


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