Tuesday, April 24, 2012

With my summer countdown decreasing to...15 days... I cant help but dwell on my excitement for what the next couple weeks and months have in store! I just wanted to spend a little time blogging about my the things I'm looking forward to!

1. Just three short days until my best girlfriends, Hannah & Kristie, will be up in Arkansas for a quick weekend trip! I'm sooo excited. We have seriously been trying to plan for all three of us to spend a weekend in Arkansas together since I first left! Both H & K have been here, but separately, and it just never feels whole. We always feel like a part of us is missing! Ahhhh. I cant wait. We are going to have an eventful weekend of bonding, thrifting, shopping, bible studies, adventuring, snapping photos, and just being together. 
2. Just over a week until I become the proud owner of my very own apartment! I seriously cannot wait! I'm living with 3 other girls, 2 of which I went to HS with, one is Kristie's twin, & the other is one of my best guy friends' sisters! So funny how that works out. None of us were close in highschool, but college has really brought us together! We are going to start painting the apartment a couple days after we get our keys and I am PUMPED! We already have a vision of what we want our walls to look like...and lemme tell ya, I'm excited. I'll try my best to document the result in pictures so I can post them here. So crazy! I am going to be decorating my own home! AH!

3. So something very exciting happened today. It was definitely divine intervention....one of those things where the second I submitted, God really poured out his favor. I got asked to be in the worship band for a summer camp, Alasso Ranch! I'm soooo excited to not only do what I love, but serve the people and church I love! Its going to be awesome. I'm really looking forward to leading worship alongside the people who taught me what worship is.

4. ROADTRIPS! I just recently confirmed dates for two awesome roadtrips this summer! I cant even begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to them both! Mid June I'll be heading down to Austin, TX with Han & Kristie to spend a few days together...doing whatever the heck we feel like! Then, a couple weeks later, I'll be roadtrippin' south to Lafayette, Louisiana with 5 of my best friends to go visit our dear friend Chris who moved to LA for school this past January. Its a 7-8 hour drive with a full packed car, so we figure we oughta document this whole trip ;)

4. Summer Job: I had been thinking about heading back to Sephora over the summer (I worked for them last year and LOVED it!), but my Aunt offered me a nanny position for her two precious little boys! It pays well, & I get to play with my little cousins all day! I'm super excited about this job!  

5. My EP has been in the works for about 6 months now....from the time I started writing the first song to now. It has been in the process of getting mixed, and is going to be released in the next couple weeks! I'm hoping to have it available on iTunes or another online source by May 12. Every purchase goes to sending me to Germany for missions, & if I make over what I need, it goes to Aaron & Jeanette Alexander, the missionary family from my church that I will serving under. This album means so much to me. Seriously, not only the fact that each song written truly is an out pour of my heart, but the love that has gone into this. I have been BEYOND blessed by the people that have helped me put this together. Seriously, I cant express my gratitude. 

6. Uhh....Germany! :)

What are you currently anticipating? Summer holds SO much excitement! Thanks for reading & sharing in my current joy!

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  1. all of this is so exciting! friends visiting, moving into a new place, a new job...good stuff, girl! it sounds like it'll be a great summer for you, darling. and it sounds like god's really working in your life too, helping good things to happen!