Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life: Thrifting Adventures

Serious question here: When did I grow up? I spent the majority of my Saturday searching for apartment furniture and decorations. For my own place. A home. Thats mine. WHAT? So crazy. Anyways, me and one of my future roommates (Aynsley) went out to local resale and thrift stores around Fayetteville to see what we could find. We went to Precious Cargo, All My Treasures (which are two great shops if youre  in the Fayetteville area), and of course Goodwill. I was soo pleased with our purchases! Aynsley and I both got great stuff to fill our future home. I spent a grand total of $40 well spent :)

Me & my little goodies! 

I got all this stuff above for $20. Multiple wooden frames awaiting future art prints, retro hot pad for the many dishes we are hoping to cook up, an organizer, embroidered print, cookie jar, mason jars, and a couple floral cups! 

Straight from the 70s

One of my favorite purchases of the day was this little organizer! It has space for a notepad, a bulletin board, a pencil, keyrings, and mail space! Not to mention, both the mail holders come with those precious heart cutouts! I love it! Thinking about painting something on the top though, its a little too plain up there!

Last but not least, we found a STEAL! We had gone into another resale shop and saw a wing backed chair we really liked for $80. I was SO close to buying it, but then we went next door to All My Treasures and found this one for only $20!! Sooo pretty & so excited for this style! We are going to cover it with different fabric to go with our apartment! Yay!!!

Overall, today was great. Fayetteville is such a lovely place when you get off campus. I highly recommend these two shops!

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  1. miss blake, your blog is so cute! adore your finds. especially the teeny bulletin board. and all the 70s crocheted bits. adorable!
    xo, deer circus.