Wednesday, April 18, 2012

READING// Reading? Gosh. I feel like I havent read an actual book out of leisure in so long. I am currently not in a book right now, but the last one I read was hunger games. I actually finished it while sitting in the movie theater for four hours, waiting for the midnight premiere, ha! Aside from my text books, I dont have my nose in any novels :( But, blog wise, I'm really enjoying keeping up with Elsie & Emma over at A Beautiful Mess. They are so good about updating every day and keeping things fresh and interesting! My friend Blake & I are trying to figure out a time to go and visit her shop Red Velvet! Eeeep. Cant wait. 

WATCHING//  My favorite show is and will forever be Modern Family. I cant get enough! Phil cracks me up. This show makes me miss my family SO much! It was our 'thing' to watch it after dinner on Wednesday nights! I miss that. Cant wait to be home again and indulge in the re runs!

WORKING ON// Managing my time! I seriously have got to find out the meaning and application of the word balance. 

THINKING ABOUT// Giving up bread, sweets, & fried food for the next two weeks. Yup. I just decided today, its happening. I have been eating waaaay too much bread and chocolate. I mean...seriously, those are both my weaknesses. I love bread. And I love chocolate. Who doesnt?! But...I've decided to be drastic and give these things up for GOOD for the next two whole weeks! AH. I'm nervous, but excited too to see how much will power I have ;)

ANTICIPATING// Summer, duh. Three weeks, three weeks. just 1 hour it will be 2 weeks and 6 days ;) Ha! I'm not excited or anything. But, I'm also anticipating all the fun plans that are coming along with summer time! I have a few trips planned here and there...Austin, Louisiana, Camp, uh...and GERMANY! Way tooooo excited.

LISTENING TO// The Black Keys


WISHING// That somehow, someday, someway, all my bestest friends could just live in one place, in one big house, all together, forever, enjoying life with nothing to hold us back. Happily ever after.

P.S. Dont mind the random underlining....for some reason my computer wont let me take it off!

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