Thursday, April 26, 2012


Summer Essentials
1. German chocolate anyone?
2. I need new SUNNIES! Badly. I want some like the ones featured above but I dont know where in the world to find them at a decent price ($20 or below...I'm a poor college student.) Help!?
3. Umm...Bread. One of my good friends was warning me about Germany...and how delicious their bread is. Uh Oh. I guess I need to loose like 10 pounds before I go so I can shamelessly indulge.
4. I need a tote! Specifically one like above! There is one I've had my eye on for a few weeks over at, which I will be purchasing as soon as my next paycheck arrives :)
5. Leopard flats. I feel like everyone in the world knows where to find them but me. Seriously. I want them! But WHERE do I find them. The always reliable Target fell short and now I'm completely out of ideas! Anyone? Remember, reasonably priced.
6. Colored skinnys! Need! Love the seafoam green so much. 
7. This hat. Once again, WHERE?! I am SUCH a hat person, especially over summer, and I love this style. I feel like this post is just to cry out to my fellow bloggers: HELP ME FIND THESE. Ha, but seriously. Where in the world can I find this style hat? 
8. Passport....welp...still havent gotten mine yet. Eep.
9. Nails. Pastel pink nails. 

Summer come SOONER! 12 days left. 

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