Saturday, April 14, 2012

Travel Fever

Not alot has been happening lately, so its been pretty hard for me to find the inspiration to blog. But one thing thats been on my mind lately, is the world. As the days to my Germany count down dwindle to double digets (86 days to be exact), I cant help but acknowledge my passion for culture. I seriously wish I was leaving for Berlin TOMORROW! I'm not only so pumped to experience a new place outside the US and love on the people there, but gosh, I'm so excited to exile my ignorance! As an American, I'm slowly but surely seeing just how self centered we are. We really are in a bubble, and I am so ready to get into "the real world". Not only Germany though. Because of my excitement, I've been letting my mind wander to new possibilities in the years to come. So many opportunities for travel are being revealed. Just tonight, me and my good friend Aynsley were talking about taking a trip to Spain next spring while our roommate studies abroad there. Then, theres the opportunities for me to study abroad in Europe, YWAM after college (which...gosh theres so many options, I dont even have an idea where I'd do my training & mission!), and so much more. Not just trips though, lately my mind has been exploring the idea of living around the world. I mean, I know as a young student, I'm wide eyed, realizing that I have the "world at my fingertips," but really. I'm slowly realizing that embracing culture is definitely something I want to pursue, and I know this passion will increase when I actually step foot off American soil ;) Anyways...these are just some ramblings of whats been on my heart lately. Its been pretty awesome, too, to be inspired by fellow bloggers living outside the US. You can check out my two favorites (in regards to traveling) here & here.

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