Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Spring

Its spring time. Everythings a little brighter. Smiles a little wider. A fresh season.
 Both sunny days and spring showers. I love all the flowers. Like the ones that
 grow on the side of the road. Right by a garbage dumpster, or, hidden behind 
a building. I like them because they grow in an unexpected place. And they sprout
 up on their own from soil and branches that were dead only weeks ago. It reminds 
me of mercy and restoration. It reminds me that life continues, and that seasons of
 life change. Nothing is hopeless. Happy spring.


  1. i adore this. i love the little flowers you pay attention too, not just the ones in full bloom, adorned, and given lots of love in peoples' gardens...but the ones sticking out by garbage cans & alleys. gorgeous perspective.