Monday, April 16, 2012



1// Of Monsters And Men: Just bought their new album a couple days ago and its slowly but surely becoming one of my new favorites! Go check it out on itunes or spotify! I would tell you a favorite song, but its too hard to choose!
2// Boyfriend shorrrrts: Now that the spring weather has arrived, I'm practically living in these. I love boyfriend shorts. The ones I own though are more like...3 sizes too big shorts rather than boyfriend shorts ahha.
3// Feathers: I may be a little late on the whole feather trend, but gosh I love em. I have a favorite pair of feather earings that I literally wear with everything, and I recently bought a bead & feather clip for my hair that I happen to be wearing as I type this!
4// Nars: Blonde Venus...easily my favorite lip color. I scored this one while I was working at Sephora this past winter. They give out alot of goodies to their staff and I got this for free! I love it & wear it almost every day. Its a little more of an orange nude color. Looks really awesome with olive toned skin!
5// Starbucks Iced Coffee w/ 1 pump raspberry. Need I say more?

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  1. iced coffee with raspberry in it? I would never think to try that! And now I want that lip color...although going into Sephora could be dangerous for my bank account ;)