Saturday, December 3, 2011

Life: Nineteen

Today I turned 19! Dang. Me? Nineteen? Thats crazy. I remember when I was younger and would hear a number like that and think it was so old. Its crazy to think I'm here already! When will time slow down?! Although I didnt get to be back in TX for my birthday, I had such a fun day in my home away from home. I got to spend time with some lovely ladies out on the town in Fayetteville today, had yummy sushi, got to read the sweetest cards ever written, enjoyed a cupcake, and had a movie night. I was very well pleased with how my day went :) Here are some pictures from today:

^I mean...really? Perfect.
^"The Little Craft Show" was held right here in Fayetteville, AR in a church called "The Vintage Fellowship" (again, really? how cute). It was so much fun to see all the unique crafts that these vendors brought in to share with the town. I even met a local blogger, follow her here. There was free coffee and even a photobooth! Such a fun & unique way to spend the day.
^We took a few cute pictures in the photobooth they had at the craft show. They wont be available until later this week, but I cant wait to see them!
^After "The Little Craft Show," we headed over to a small, hidden vintage boutique a few minutes down the road called "Vintage Violet". Such beautiful stuff in there! I was so tempted to get a tan lace scarf. Its unfortunate to be in a place with all these amazing vintage shops when your bank account is running dry!

Later that night we went out for sushi at our favorite place: Tokyo! It was delicious. When we told them it was my birthday, they asked for an ID to prove it! Thats a first.

Our night concluded with cupcakes from the Fayetteville Square, a movie night, and the engagement of one of my very best friends. I'd say it was a good day.

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  1. Hey Blake,
    really great pictures. I enjoyed them.
    Hope you had a great day.
    Love ya,