Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Photos in Berlin

Here are pictures that I have yet to post here...they are about a week old now. Sorry :)
THIS is the Berliner Dome. Its a lutheran church here in Berlin. Seriously, one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. The inside was even more incredible, so detailed! There was a prayer night here that we went to...very different than what I'm used to. But cool experience!

^Pictures from the concert the first Saturday I was here. Reset Live. It was so awesome! I got to play about 5 of my own songs, and 5 covers! A really fun experience.

The buildings here are so fun! Different colors and styles, and although you cant see in this picture, theres almost always flowers hanging infront of the windows!! I love it!

Worship! It was acoustic with violin and bells :) Really cool. Sundays at reset are great. We have people from all over. Young & old, well off and people on the street, and people from all backgrounds! Its a coffee shop, so everyone sits at tables....free coffee, lattes, expresso, and breakfast! So cool.

Sundays here in Berlin, at a place called Mauer Park, there is a big flea market! Its AWESOME. Theres a ton of tents set up, food, drinks, people playing music, playing with their dogs, napping in the park, kids playing, and also a huge karaoke thing set up on a hill! Its so awesome! Not to mention, pretty much everyone there looks like they popped out of a Urban Outfitters catalogue! Definitely one of my favorite parts of Berlin so far!

Unfortunately thats the last of my pictures before my phone stopped working :( I'll try to take out the big camera and post more!

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