Tuesday, July 24, 2012


HELLO from Berlin! 
Yes, halfway into my month. Its gone by fairly fast, looking back, and the last couple weeks here are going to fly by. The first week I was here it rained everyday. No sun! I enjoyed the 50 degree weather, but I didnt know how much I missed the sun until it came out yesterday! Its perfect. The weather here is amazing, & I'm so glad I got to skip out on that miserable Texas heat. While you guys endure over 100 degrees, I'm here enjoying a high of 70 :). 

I must appologize again for my lack of consistancy here on this blog. I guess I just dont think about the few that actually do look forward to my updates. Please forgive me, and I'll try my best to post more frequently. Unfortunately, my phone camera is NOT working at all, so I'm unable to take pictures :( I have a big cannon camera, but its just heavy to carry around the city! Plus it kinda makes me feel too much like a tourist. 

Last friday night I went to something called BURN Berlin. It was a worship service that is put on I think once a month or so. Its run by the worhsip leader at Reset. It goes from 6pm to 6am in a more dangerous part of town...I say dangerous...its not really DANGEROUS. Its just not a place that I would go alone. It was so cool. Such a melting pot of people, just doing their own thing in this little room. 

Saturday was Serve The City Berlin, which is just an outreach that goes and does good things for the city! There was a group of about 20 of us. Half went to give thank you cards to the local police and firemen, and have of us went to go pick up trash in Mauer Park. It was great. There were alot of people from the US, alot from YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and it was cool to be with people I'm familiar with. We got to meet locals too while out in the park. We got weird looks as well as 'thank you's". One group of people actually gave us CAKE to show their gratitude! It was great.

This week, we are looking at starting a project called "schön bis du". (Beautiful are you). Its a blog site that we direct people to through random acts of kindness or just conversation, celebrating the beauty in everyone, the good, the bad, the poor, the old, the young, etc. Its a 'just because' way to show the love of Jesus. For example, this week, we are going to be passing out chocolate, flowers, water, etc, and telling people "schon bis du". When they ask why, we will be SIMPLE with our love. No strings attached, we just want to love you! We will direct them towards the website, talking about this movement. In a section of the site will be the straight up gospel! Its a good, non threatening way to invite people to hear the gospel through pure LOVE! I'm really excited for this week!

Continue to pray for God to move. I've been seeing alot of hurt and brokeness. I want Jesus to touch the people here. They need him. And he wants them! I know though, that regardless of the dark people and places here, this is still God's country. These people are HIS, its just a matter of time until they realize it! He is relevant and still longing to be one with the hearts in Germany.

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