Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finally in GERMANY!

Well, its so crazy that I'm FINALLY in Berlin! It feels like I've been waiting forever for this day to come and my adventure in Germany has finally begun! I will be updating daily (hopefully; or-as often as possible) here on my blog. Pictures, text updates, prayer requests, etc.

I had about a 11 hour flight from DFW to Frankfurt, Germany on Monday. You can imagine how uncomfortable I was! I had a 2 hour layover in Frankfurt. While I was there, I had to get my passport approved by some police ("politzi"), and they had some fun with me. They tried to tell me I need a visa (which I dont have to have one to stay 30 days), and that I couldnt enter the country without it. You have no idea how shaken up I was! NOT FUNNY! Trying to find my gate in a German airport was scary enough! Ha. But I found it and travelled one more hour into Berlin where Aaron, Jeanette, & their precious kids: Luke & Anna met me!

The first day (yesterday) I was  awake a total of like 30 hours! I was EXHAUSTED. That night, I got to visit RESET Church, which is the church I will be working with while I'm here. The college Students For Christ group met as well. I loved it! There was about 30 college students there. The night started up with a home cooked meal (sausage, potatoes, salad, & coffee), worship, a message, and then hang out time. Everyone was SO nice. I was amazed at how welcoming this group was! So many of them spoke fluent english. And not many people are actually from Berlin. Almost everyone is from somewhere around the world. In this college group alone I met people from Madagascar, Ukraine, England, etc. It sure did make me feel SMALL!

Today Jeanette took me out to see the tourist-y parts of Berlin: The Brandeburg Gate, The Reichstag, Potzdamer Platz (the 'timesquare' of Berlin: built 1990 & after), etc, and a Holocaust Memorial Museam.

 ^Berlin has lots of flower shops!

 ^There are also alot of street musicians! Today I saw quite a few in the train station.

^^ These horizontal stones trails all along the city to show where the Berlin wall used to be! So much history here!
 ^The Reichstag: the current, rebuilt parliament building. Formerly, it was where the German Parliament was housed. To gain power, Hitler burned it down in 1933. Only the 4 pillars remained.

^Brandenburg Gate: It is the only remaining gate of a series through which Berlin was once entered. So beautiful in person! 
Memorial to the Murdered Jews...very somber piece but I loved it. 

After our day's events, we had Bart (another polish intern @ SfC from New York) over for dinner, and then went out for gelato. I had kiwi :). We came home and all talked for a while about Jesus and what he's wanting to do with not only the Christ followers and church in Berlin, but back at home. 

I am so excited about whats going on here & cant wait to continue to update here on my blog. 
Its 11:30pm here so I should probably get ready for bed.
Pray for this ministry & for the city of Berlin!!! Love to all x

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