Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 3 in Berlin

Hello family & friends!

The reality that none of you are near is finally hitting me. Not a sad feeling, because I am used to independence, but its just a WEIRD feeling knowing that I am on the other side of the world from everyone. While we are getting ready for dinner, most of you are finishing up your breakfast! Such a weird thing. My mind & body were taking the toll on this jetlag thing. This morning, Jeanette & I went to the grocery store and I just could not stop yawning. On our way home, I started feeling a little queezy so I went to lay down but ended up taking a two hour nap! I guess its from my lack of sleep, but my body is feeling a little more under the weather than usual, & i've been waking up with a headache and jaw pain! So please pray for that! I want my health to stay the best that it can while I'm here!

Today I finally got back in the swing of things with my jesus time! You have no idea how great it felt to get back into that routine! It was so refreshing. It was also the first time I ventured out into Berlin on my own. Granted, the bakery I went to was a 5 minute walk from the apartment, it was still cool to go out on my own! Unfortunately, the lady at the bakery spoke zero English so I had to put a little of my german into practice, as well as ALOT of my body language & hand gestures, haha.

Jesus taught me alot today that I would love for you guys to pray over with me!

1. Germany NEEDS the Holy Spirit. Desperately. Theyve heard the whole Jesus thing, they know the "church", and dont really want anything to do with it. What we are missing here is a MOVE of the holy spirit, both supernaturally, and through the actions of the servants of Christ here. The church needs to BE the bride, through the empowering of the holy spirit.

2. Legalism is dead, grace is alive and inviting.

3. I've been so frustrated these past few days that I am unable to communicate when the german speaking people. I want so badly to be able to make conversation with the people I come in contact with as I take the bus or train, in coffee shops, on the streets, etc. Today I kinda realized that maybe this language block is so that I am able to actively be the hands and feet of Jesus, rather than through my words. People here acknowledge the fact that talk is cheap. They want to SEE that you live out the things that you believe-especially in the church. So just pray that I can find ways to show love instead of just talking about it!

Tonight we are going to a place called the Berliner Dom for a prayer night. Not really sure what to expect but I'm super excited!!! Here's
what it looks like:

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